Services and Products

MarketGrader Capital enables our investors and partners a range of ways
to invest with us.

Our company was founded on our belief that investors and the broader economy benefit from disruption and evolution. We work to manage and distribute our family of investment products and services directly to minimize costs to end investors.

We seek to share our belief in capital appreciation through fundamentals-driven equity indexing, providing access to our distinct process through a range of options.


MarketGrader Capital can act as principal investment adviser for investment products tracking MarketGrader Indexes, including ETFs, separately managed accounts and variable insurance trusts (VITs).

Our discretionary and non-discretionary investment management services include the design, structure, and implementation of investment strategies for managed accounts. Investment activities focus on investments in various kinds of assets and securities in a variety of markets that are intended to fit within the client’s objectives, strategies and risk profile as described by each client.

Sub advisory

MarketGrader Capital can act in a sub advisory capacity for product sponsors, including exchange-traded funds (ETFs). MarketGrader Capital can also serves as the investment sub-adviser to other investment advisers, banks and pooled funds such as collective funds, charitable funds and trust funds.

Index Licensing

With select partners, MarketGrader Capital is willing to license MarketGrader Indexes for investment products and/or benchmarks.

Invest with us

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