MarketGrader Capital is guided by our distinct, four pillared philosophy.
1. Equity Investing Drives Capital Appreciation

Equity ownership is the best path to capital appreciation over the long-term. As an asset class, equities represent ownership in productive entities and a claim on their future stream of cash flow/earnings. Owning stocks is the best way for investors to capture the growth of the world's economy in the form of shareholder returns.

2. Faith in Fundamentals

Selection of equities is best done by focusing on company fundamentals. Companies that consistently generate economic value are the best creators of shareholder value and growth of capital in the long-term, regardless of where a company is based or does business. In today’s markets, fundamental analysis that transcends the prevailing noise and short-termism is more important and relevant than ever.

3. Passive Investing with Rules-Based Discipline

MarketGrader’s rigorous quantitative methodology focuses on objectively identifying and investing in companies with the healthiest businesses trading at reasonable prices, globally. Eliminating emotion and bias from the investing process leads to greater success.

4. Smarter Indexes for Better Core Equity Strategies, Globally

MarketGrader is focused on building better core country, international and regional equity indexes. Our affiliate’s index construction emphasizes company quality, diversification, liquidity, transparency and equal weighting.