Our Story

MarketGrader Capital was created to give investors the opportunity to invest in smarter
equity indexes with a track record of outperforming traditional equity market
benchmarks over the long-term.

We have long been fascinated with the investing potential at the intersection of global accounting standardization, big data technology and alternative index investing, with stock selection based on company fundamentals rather than market capitalization.

This journey started with our parent company MarketGrader.com1 (MarketGrader), which methodically built a world-class research engine and a systematic, fundamentals-based scoring system that could be applied to any public company with standardized and audited accounting figures. With the research engine built and a fundamentals scoring process defined, MarketGrader constructed a series of domestic equity indexes that continuously sought to invest in the highest scoring, best-managed companies.

This culminated in the launch of our flagship index, the Barron’s 400 Index. The Barron’s 400 Index packages the top scoring companies in the U.S. across market-capitalization, sector and style, equal-weighted and rebalanced bi-annually to remain free from expensive and/or poor performing stocks. The Index has outperformed traditional equity benchmarks, including the S&P 500 over the past three, five and ten year periods.

Reflecting one of the most exciting advances in equity indexing, investor demand led to the launch of a passively-managed ETF tracking the Index, Barron’s 400 ETF (NYSE: BFOR), which became a top 10 ETF launch of 2013, according to Morningstar.

Following the success of MarketGrader’s domestic equity research and index platform, the firm launched an international research and index series in 2014. With over 35,000 companies under coverage across more than 100 markets, MarketGrader has constructed a suite of international, country-specific and global equity indexes whose constituents represent some of the highest performing companies in the world – many of which are unlikely to be found in popular traditional international equity benchmarks.

It was a natural extension of MarketGrader's research activities to form MarketGrader Capital in 2012 as a limited liability corporation in the State of Florida and register as an Investment Adviser in 2016. Today, MarketGrader Capital provides investment advisory, asset management, research, and other financial services to collective investment trust, institutional clients, pooled investment vehicles and separately managed accounts and individuals located domestically and abroad. The firm is dedicated to offering investors multiple ways to participate in the exciting capital appreciation opportunities that our family of indexes represents. MarketGrader Capital’s investment advisory services are provided through various types of discretionary and non-discretionary accounts in accordance with each client’s investment objectives and pursuant to the terms outlined in its investment advisory agreement.

1 MarketGrader.com Corp. is an independent stock research and index publishing company founded in 1999. The company is under common ownership with MarketGrader Capital, LLC. More at www.marketgrader.com.